Content Marketing for Auto Brands

Content marketing is a powerful tool for auto brand marketers to capture interest and influence opinion during the early stages of the path to purchase - from passive interest through to info gathering.


Open to Persuasion

There can be an overwhelming amount of information for consumers to digest when buying a new car.

New car buyers tend to have six information priorities on their purchase journey - price, specifications, reviews, recommendations, inspiration and location. Importantly, it also shows that 80% of these buyers are open to persuasion about make and model*.

*NewsMediaWorks Path to Purchase: Automotive, 5 Sep 2016.

Why Work With Us?

Our brands reach 71% of New Zealanders in the market for a new car.

We're also a premium content platform and that means something. Our audience trusts us. Our credibility rubs off on brands appearing alongside our content. 

The 'halo effect' of premium sites is important. Research has found that brands can experience an average of 67% higher brand lift when their ads appear on a premium site.

Source: comScore 'The Halo Effect: How advertising on premium publishers drives higher ad effectiveness', July 2016.

Get Creative

Allowing for longer copy and creativity in how messages are delivered, content marketing is an excellent channel to:

  • Explain in-depth, detailed information
  • Change preconceived consumer ideas
  • Develop deeper relationships with current customers
  • Position a brand as a helpful expert
  • Generate leads for dealers


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