Neighbourly is New Zealand's fastest growing private social network that fosters interaction and connections between neighbours, creating stronger, safer and friendlier places to call home. Members of Neighbourly use the website to interact on topics such as local events, after school activities, crime and safety, council issues, local services or even lost pets.

Over 338,000 households now use Neighbourly and the site receives 620,000* unique visitors each month. Providing brands opportunities to target New Zealand neighbourhoods on a hyper local basis, Neighbourly allows you to drill down to street level - or even connect at house-to-house level. From entry level online business directories to more sophisticated, national solutions such as sponsorships, bespoke builds and integration with Fairfax Media newspapers and Stuff, Neighbourly connects businesses and brands with Kiwis on a personal level.

*As at 1 August 2016

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