5 Ways to Stop Remarketing Betraying your Brand

Remarketing is one of the most powerful tools marketers have access to. Like never before, it’s allowed for dynamic advertising to push prospects through the sales funnel and create awareness for your brand. It’s not all roses, though. As local brands have discovered remarketing can land your brand into hot water overnight. 

Here are five ways to keep your brand safe with remarketing: 

1) Quality control and monitoring 

Inventory quality control 

Ensure any remarketing activity you initiate is distributed on exchanges and SSPs with strict inventory vetting processes.  

Third Party monitoring

Consider using an independent third party service to monitor your remarketing campaign. These services can alert you quickly to inappropriate ad placements and ad fraud.

Domain lists

Although many remarketing platforms are ‘blind’ buys, you can ask to specifically be excluded from undesirable websites by blacklisting domains with the remarketing platform.

Take down policy

Ensure that the remarketing platform has a take down policy and the staff monitoring take down requests are responsive. If your brand is suffering you will want to mitigate the damage swiftly. 

2) Ask your agency the tough questions 

Ask your agency for references from current and former clients. Did they have any brand safety issues while under the agency’s watch? It’s also worth asking for access to third party monitoring tools (if they use them) and request regular updates about any issues or concerns.

3) Be aware of pitfalls 

Typically, remarketing works on “blind network buys” so it’s hard to control where your ad appears. For this same reason remarketing platforms are notorious for click fraud and issues with viewability - on a bad remarketing network you will pay for impressions that you did not receive. 

4) Use premium networks and environments 

By remarketing on a tightly controlled, quality, network like KPEX and aligning yourself with agencies and networks that belong to self-regulatory groups, like Internet Advertising Bureau or Digital Advertising Alliance you’ll be able to minimise (if not entirely remove) risk to your brand. 

5) Monitor the market 

Inventory on reputable websites is increasingly under the squeeze. At the same time, less savoury websites are added to a remarketing platforms inventory to make up the shortfall. Be aware of how your remarketing platform is responding to the squeeze and be vigilant about updating your blacklist. 

Oliver Hill is Fairfax Media’s New Product Marketing Manager.  He has 14 years experience in digital marketing, working for companies including: American Express, Fox Sports Pulse and Yahoo!.