Creating Cut-Through in a Crowded Market

Mahindra's challenge to Fairfax Media was to cut through a crowded market, meaningfully engage a potential audience and turn that engagement into action.

To do it we created an immersive reader experience. Native advertising, crafted by the team, was designed and tailored to the needs of the Stuff audience. Display advertising and a photo gallery completed the immersion and closed the loop between the introduction to Mahindra and purchasing inquiries. 

The Challenge

In a crowded SUV market Mahindra needed to cut through the noise and
reach New Zealanders across the country.

Our Idea

To tell Mahindra’s brand story and introduce Kiwis to the XUV500 model SUV, through native advertising across, The Dominion Post, The Press, Your Weekend and The Waikato Times.

A strong content led approach, combined with display advertising, created
an environment where the XUV500 showcase would drive consumers to the
Mahindra website.

What We Did


Using a cross platform print and digital campaign we introduced Kiwis to the
Mahindra brand and XUV500. Content crafted by Stuff was featured across Your Weekend, Waikato Times, The Dominion Post, The Press and alongside a photo gallery showcasing the XUV500.

A display advertising campaign supported the print and digital executions
utilising a strong call to action through Mahindra’s finance offering in order to
drive lead generation to the Mahindra website.

The Insight

Engaging New Zealanders through Stuff gave Mahindra a reputable and popular platform to launch from. Leveraging the reputations of Fairfax Media’s trusted newspaper and digital brand Stuff, helped mitigate the hesitations and preconceptions that come with a new brand entering the market and encouraged New Zealanders to form a relationship with Mahindra. Compelling and relevant content drove consumers to find out more.

The Results

Through compelling and well placed content we drove brand awareness for Mahindra in the urban, SUV market. The campaign generated a 300% increase in traffic to the Mahindra website with a marked increase in inquiries about the XUV500. It reached 200,000 potential customers through Stuff Mobile and Stuff Desktop. This created stronger brand recognition for Mahindra, and received strong positive feedback.

Display Ad Click Through Rates for were up to 100 times greater
than traditional benchmark display advertising which is 0.17%.

• MREC - 1.13%
• Half Page - 1.55%
• Leaderboard - 0.28%
• Total - 0.99%

Native content showed outstanding results across all platforms:

• Desktop - 6,509 page views
• iOS - 2,945 page views
• Mobile web - 2,527 page views
• Android - 2,889 page views
• Total - 14,870 page views


What The Client Said

“While huge in the global sense, Mahindra is a fledgling brand in New Zealand
and there’s some hesitancy around a lesser-known auto brand we need to
overcome. We leveraged Fairfax’s native content solution to help educate about
the brand strength, our local commitments and the product competency.

“The resulting click-through generated a 300% increase in daily web traffic
with similarly encouraging increased pages / session, session duration and bounce rate metrics. We extended the reach through social media advertising and this stimulated largely positive feedback for the brand.

"Importantly, XUV500 specific enquiry and sales notably increased over the period following the campaign, the content proved successful in overcoming perceptions and stimulating action at dealer level.”

- Steve Vermeulen Marketing Manager, Mahindra MD Distributors NZ.