Creating Market Value for a Luxury Product

Through a partnership with Penfolds we created a luxury dinner showcasing Penfolds Grange wines to some of New Zealand's foremost business leaders. 

The challenge

The challenge was to generate interest in the new Penfolds wine range and recruit brand loyalists ahead of the launch. We needed to create an opportunity for Penfolds to build brand credibility among its target audience and encourage word of mouth advertising. Our idea Was to create an environment where the new Penfolds collection was associated with luxury. We would invite business thought leaders, Fairfax Media’s top clients, and leverage their reputations to create a strong interest in Penfolds before the launch. This would be amplified with a double page spread in Cuisine magazine, that would introduce the range to our wider audience.

What we did

Using the reputation of the Fairfax Media and Cuisine brands we, alongside Penfolds, created an exclusive and intimate evening for Fairfax Media’s top clients to experience Penfolds’ wines. Cuisine editor Kelli Brett, one of New Zealand’s foremost experts on food and wine, introduced the evening and reinforced the relationship between Penfolds and Fairfax Media.

The exclusive event was photographed and presented as a double page spread in the January edition of Cuisine magazine. This introduced the new wine range to the Cuisine audience as a luxury brand, positioning it firmly as a must-have among an audience of dedicated foodies.


The insight

Offering an exclusive networking event and powerful brand touchpoint Penfolds and Fairfax were able to create brand loyalists out of some of New Zealand’s foremost business leaders. Exclusively covering the event in Cuisine magazine, with a double page spread, allowed us to introduce the Penfolds range as a luxury item and leverage an already strong brand reputation.

The results

The high end event created buzz leading into the launch of the new Penfolds range and worked as a powerful brand touchpoint for some of New Zealand’s best business and thought leaders. The following double page spread in Cuisine magazine used the exclusivity and high end feel of the event to introduce the range to Cuisine readers and leveraged the strong brand reputation that was created as a result of the event.

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What the client said

“Treasury Wine Estates recently partnered with Fairfax for our annual Penfolds Grange VIP dinner which was held at Merediths restaurant.

"This event was a huge success from both a commercial and consumer perspective. We partnered with Fairfax to develop an event that delivered to all our objectives and collaborating with them on event management was seamless and highly professional. We’d highly recommend partnering with Fairfax to deliver strategic outcomes.”

- Andre Bacon, Marketing Manager, Treasury Estate Wines.