Innovative and Connected: Engaging C-Suite to Transform Brand Perception

Following an amalgamation, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand wanted to increase brand awareness and positive perception among New Zealand business leaders.  To do this, we created a multi-faceted end-to-end print and digital campaign that increased positive brand perception by 33% among C-Suite. 

The Challenge

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand amalgamated two businesses to create a dynamic and innovative organisation that aimed to redefine what it means to be an accounting firm. The Chartered Accountants challenge was positioning it as an innovative and connected leader at the forefront of challenges faced by New Zealand businesses, both inside and outside of the financial world. This meant changing long-held views of Chartered Accountants and engaging with business C-Suite to do that.

Our Idea

If companies are not actively trying to disrupt their business models, someone else will come along and do it, says Christchurch Airport chief executive Malcolm Johns.

If companies are not actively trying to disrupt their business models, someone else will come along and do it, says Christchurch Airport chief executive Malcolm Johns.

To do this we needed to show off Chartered Accountants’ expertise by aligning it with NZ business issues and leaders in an open forum. This allowed businesses to connect with Chartered Accountants directly to understand the organisation’s insights, leadership and expertise across industry. 

What We Did

We drilled down to the key issues facing NZ business through a series of interviews with the C-Suite from some of New Zealand’s foremost companies. The six key issues identified were: Digital Disruption, Sustainability, Customer Centricity, Global Economy, Leadership and Transforming Business. A multi platform thought leadership and solutions driven campaign, integrated with Chartered Accountants branding and expertise, was built to address those issues.

In Print

Utilising Fairfax Media newspapers we presented solutions to the six key issues, positioning Chartered Accountants as a thought leader and cross-industry expert, every step of the way. A 14 week print execution across Fairfax Media’s main metropolitan newspapers (Sunday Star-Times, The Dominion Post and The Press) ensured maximum reach by targeting the country’s biggest cities and business districts.


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The Transforming Business thought leadership series provided an open forum for C-Suite to talk directly to Chartered Accountants. Split into six parts each forum addressed one of the key concerns for business. Allowing businesses to work directly with Chartered Accountants reinforced brand recognition and the position of Chartered Accountants being thought and industry leaders that could offer viable solutions. We filmed the events to increase the reach and create sustainability for the content, giving a longer shelf life. 

A panel of New Zealand business leaders talk Digital Disruption and how  to prepare for it. Facilitated by Stuff Business Editor Ellen Read the video was sponsored content on the transforming business hub. 


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The Transforming Business hub, hosted on, aggregated sponsored content. Utilising video and articles the hub provided business insights, directed readers to the Chartered Accountants’ website and services and acted as a landing page for the solutions offered throughout the campaign. Including an opinion piece written by Chartered Accountants CEO Lee White and more than half a dozen specially crafted news-like articles, the Transforming Business Hub promoted longevity for the campaign. As a continually active page on it continues to reinforce Chartered Accountants’ position as business leaders in an ever-changing environment.

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The Insight

The Transforming Business series allowed us to show NZ Business leaders that Chartered Accountants represented modern accounting and brought to the table a strong understanding of the challenges faced by New Zealand business. These conversations allowed us to show business C-Suite the progressive nature of the Chartered Accountants brand.

The Results

We combined native advertising with a multi-faceted digital and print campaign which ensured a strong reach to the target audience. During the campaign native advertising and the print execution returned exceptional results in shifting attitudes towards Chartered Accountants*. Key results were:

- Digital native outperformed international benchmarks for B2B campaigns in message association and online ad awareness by 4.5 and 8.7% respectively.

- Print campaign drove substantial increases in the positive perception of the Chartered Accountants brand and in brand awareness.

- 40% of the audience reached was C-Suite. Download case study for full results.

What the campaign lead said

“One of the ways brands can be of value is delivering content to readers that has a repeatable and valuable experience. To do this for Chartered Accountants we commissioned research into what was keeping the Market up at night and found the story Chartered Accountants wanted to tell - one of being thought leaders, forward thinking and able to navigate the challenges New Zealand businesses face. To tell that story we looked at it from an audience perspective and asked ourselves what the strongest way to engage the audience would be. It was the audience, C-Suite of business, that made print such an essential component. C-Suite are print readers and they read business sections in mastheads like the Sunday Star-Times and our Mets.”

- Susana Leitao, Customer Solutions Director


*Effects of the campaign were measured via a Brand Lift study from Millward Brown.