Using Cross-Platform Native Content to Build Awareness & Credibility

Morepork needed to build its brand awareness and credibility. To do it we tapped into the Smart Living promise and built a campaign across multiple platforms and properties (including user-generated content from Stuff Nation). The results were astounding: 3.7 million page views on desktop, nearly 1 million unique visitors and a click through rate of 1.12%. 

The Challenge

Build mobile credibility and educate consumers on the Morepork brand through great home content.

Our idea

Create native content that lives up to the Smart Living promise and works across multiple platforms and properties. We established the Morepork brand and integrated this into every piece of Smart Living content, including personalising it for Neighbourly members.

We also drove the campaign through:

• Noticeboards pinned to the top (sponsored in Neighbourly) and included in the Daily Digest to members

• Editorial drivers through clear branded sponsorship messaging

• Content hub featuring a “Brought to you by” branded campaign

• Mobile widgets

What we did

We got busy. Anchoring the activity via sponsorship of the Home and Property section, the campaign was supplemented by a smart living hub, additional exposure across, a mobile widget, a bespoke carousel unit, and integration into Neighbourly. We created native content for the Morepork branding and integrated this into every piece of Smart Living content.

We built personalised content targeted for our Neighbourly audience, via branded messaging, that highlights what Morepork can do for the safety of users' homes.

There were 216,000 eDMs sent that featured the Morepork campaign as the lead story. As a Stuff Nation initiative, user-generated content was also produced. We have a special feed-powered mobile widget deployed in editorial for the first time.

To complement the Morepork sponsorship, we created additional smart home and tech content. Campaign elements were updated bi-weekly to keep everything fresh and interesting. 


The Insight

Producing Smart Living content would showcase the Morepork brand and drive association and awareness to it. We quickly identified that it made sense to align Morepork to a celebration of home life across a number of our own brands. Leveraging our audience number for Neighbourly (338,000 engaged and active households in NZ as of August 2016), it enabled us to showcase the Morepork brand as a Neighbourly partner and integrate Morepork as deeply as possible into the everyday activities of our members. We facilitated engagement at a community level by delivering relevant content through this platform.

The Results

These delivered qualified customers:

• Campaign content page views totaled 45,471

• Native advertising delivered 1.257 M impressions with a click through rate on 1.12%

• Videos were viewed 1,472 times

These delivered the branding and awareness:

• 3.7 M page views on desktop, 968K unique visitors over the campaign period.

• On mobile web we had 1.4M page views and 609K unique visitors.

• Average time on the site was close to 3 minutes.


What the client said

“Through editorial integration and clever distribution methods, the Morepork brand enjoyed a significant lift in awareness and increased engagement, delivering us qualified customers.”

- Morepork