Data Visualisation: The Future of Communication

Data visualisation is a powerful way to communicate your business in a single, succinct and engaging piece of communication.

Wesley Grubbs from US firm Pitch Interactive is an expert in ‘Data Viz’ and at a recent Future of Business event, he showed how this disarmingly simple technique can connect and inspire both internally and externally.

Wesley Grubbs

Wesley is an artist, data visualiser and provocateur based Oakland, California. In 2007 he founded Pitch Interactive, a studio focused on weaving code with design and statistics to
simply communicate complex ideas for clients including Google, Facebook and Twitter.

He has an innate interest in the brain and cognition, human behaviour and how our actions impact our surroundings.

Pitch Interactive’s work spans software apps, games interfaces, websites, textiles,  illustrations projections and physical installations. It’s work has been showcased in exhibits, museums and publications around the world.