Designing An Integrated Customer Experience

Now more than ever, businesses and brands need to give their customers a more rounded and integrated experience at every touch-point.
Chris Fjelddahl from Eight Partnership recently presented at Fairfax Media's Future of Business series and explained how using Integrated Design Philosophy to harmonise brand identity, products, spaces and communications can give your customers a superior experience.
He looked at three case studies of design integration: the rebranding of Cathay Pacific; the branding of the award-winning Puli Hotel in Shanghai and the creation of Japanese luxury property brand Odin.

Chris Fjelddahl

Chris is founder of Eight Partnership, one of Asia’s most renowned and respected branding and design firms (ranked #1 brand consultancy in 2015). Having worked for more than 25 years with global brands such as Apple and Cathay Pacific, he’s the guy who gets the call to solve big branding problems.