Native Advertising: The New Brand Advertising

The fragmented media environment is making it harder for businesses to reach customers and there’s diminishing trust for overt advertising and brand communications.

Robert Hutchinson, Product Development Director at Fairfax Media, recently spoke at a Future of Business event exploring the effectiveness of Native Advertising and how brands are using it successfully to increase engagement.

Watch the video below to learn more about this type of advertising, how effective it truly is and how it can work for you.

Robert Hutchinson

Robert is Product Development Director at Fairfax Media NZ. Over the past two years Robert’s team has made continuous improvements to Stuff’s mobile app products, ported to a new Content Management System, launched a programmatic advertising alliance (KPEX), developed a native advertising and eCommerce platform, built an identity management platform across digital and print subscribers and hooked it all into a Data Management Platform.

Previously, Robert worked at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in digital business development and creative director/user experience leadership roles, looking after news, e-commerce, video streaming and mobile app entertainment products. He is a non-executive director of KPEX and Neighbourly.