Brandwise: Keep your brand safe online

Digital advertising is growing exponentially. It's spread means advertisers are rushing to get as much advertising space as possible onto websites that are running out of real estate. As this happens, less savory websites are cropping up and offering advertising space. For some brands using programmatic advertising and third party remarketing services, this has meant appearing alongside offensive and inappropriate content. Read on to make sure it doesn't happen to you.

Video: Keep your brand safe online

Gareth Codd, Group Sales Director Fairfax Media NZ, discusses how to keep your brand safe online, what to look out for in a premium environment and the dangers of ad fraud.

Fairfax Media

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KPEX is New Zealand's premium programmatic advertising exchange. As a multi-organisation partnership it ensures your ads are put beside premium, editorially curated, and widely trusted journalism and content.

5 ways to stop remarketing betraying your brand 

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Planning for Disaster: How to keep your brand safe online

It’s more important than ever that companies are aware of where their brands are going and what’s going to be around them. In an age of screenshots and  social media, consumers aren’t always open to giving second chances and, if your brand ends up next to objectionable content, it could be a PR nightmare...Continue reading...