Transforming an editorial feature into an industry leading native advertising campaign

The David Reid Homes native advertising campaign was seamlessly integrated across the Stuff House of the Week editorial feature and NZ House & Garden. This market leading campaign - utilising the already successful House of the Week editorial feature - pulled a 1.97% CTR on desktop and hugely boosted the David Reid Homes brand.  

The Challenge

David Reid Homes (DRH) challenged us to introduce Kiwis to its luxury buildings, designs and lifestyle in a campaign reaching potential new customers  from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South. 

Our Idea

We would harness the power of Stuff, NZ House & Garden and celebrity to create a native advertising campaign that showcased a range of luxury David Reid Homes. We’d engage Kiwis with multiple brand touchpoints including; a six page editorial spread in NZ  House & Garden, utilising the editorial feature House of the Week and sponsored content across community mastheads. 

What we did 

We brought together, local mastheads and NZ House & Garden to create a cross platform campaign that reached Kiwis on a local and national level. 

DRH_article2_proof1 (2).jpg

A main feature of the campaign was  Stuff’s House of the Week editorial  feature, which showcased the David Reid Homes catalogue. 

While ensuring editorial integrity was upheld we worked closely to create reader-centric content that mirrored editorial tone and style. This put the David Reid Homes story at the forefront of the content, leaving only a subtle emphasis on the call to action. 

The close mirroring of editorial style meant that the sponsored content badge didn’t impact engagement rates throughout the campaign. House of the Week content continues to garner views and interest long after the campaign’s end, it’s continued longevity is a testament to the strength of ensuring that the story, not the sales pitch, is at the forefront of the reader experience.  

Native Advertising in Stuff for David Reid Homes.  

Native Advertising in Stuff for David Reid Homes.  

The continuous weekly refreshing of content kept David Reid Homes at the forefront of  readers’ minds until the centerpiece of the campaign, a six page editorial spread in NZ House & Garden, with front cover exposure, launched.  The six page spread  featured All Black Ben Smith and his Queenstown Bolthole, designed and constructed by David Reid Homes. The DPS balanced the power of celebrity with an intimate inside look at his home.  

The Insight 

As the market continues to heat up an increasing number of Kiwis are turning to building their own homes. Using powerful brand touchpoints across New Zealand’s best loved news and lifestyle publications we’re able to engage Kiwis with the lifestyle they want and help them dream a little bigger. 

What the client said 

"Fairfax Media’s native advertising campaign has returned results beyond expectation. The team’s knowledge of their audience ensured David Reid Homes was in front of the right audience at the right time. The results speak for themselves but it stands to mention the effectiveness with which the campaign was targeted across regions and publications. Through Stuff and its publications Fairfax gave the audience the chance to experience a David Reid Home and hugely boosted the brand. David Reid Homes couldn’t be happier."

Edd Lucas, OMD