Using email marketing to generate conversions

Neighbourly offers local - right down to the neighbourhood - advertising options for businesses. This lets businesses grow their presence in the community and create relationships with customers that go beyond transactional. We needed to show businesses how advertising on Neighbourly would benefit them. 

The Challenge 

Neighbourly is New Zealand’s fastest growing social media platform. We needed to convert that growth into advertising revenue while increasing the number of businesses connecting to the community to strengthen Neighbourly’s value proposition for business. 

Our Idea 

Our idea was to bring Neighbourly to our business database to show them how they could grow market share in their communities, connect with the people in them and build their reputation. 

What we Did 

We identified three sections of our business audience and created an eDM campaign to present them with a tailored proposition.  Each proposition would show the audience segment the importance of engaging with the community through Neighbourly and how it would positively impact their business. 

The three sections were: 

Claim Your Free Business Listing:

Targeted at Fairfax Media clients who were given a complimentary listing but were yet to take it up, this encouraged businesses to become active users. 

Free Local Business Listing: 

For those that had yet to sign up to Neighbourly or the Business Listings, this gave them access to the resource. 

Premium Business Listing:

Targeted to businesses that have been using Neighbourly’s Free Local Business Listing offered a discounted upgrade for the Premium Listing, which offers a plethora of additional options. 

The Insight 

Social  media is a powerful tool for businesses but many still shy away from it. By putting our foot forward, and introducing Neighbourly, we would break down that barrier to show them how their business can directly benefit and how easy it is to do. 

The Results 

Neighbourly pic.JPG

The campaign generated industry leading click through rates, revenue leads and an increase in businesses signing to Neighbourly. 

Create Your Free Listing returned an open rate of 39.6% (above the industry average of 18.1% for Marketing and Advertising*) and a click through rate of 8%. This generated a pool of prospective leads for conversion into a paid subscription of more than $12,000. 

Upgrade to Premium returned an open rate of 55% and click through rate of 3.85% (above international benchmark of 2.06%*). 

A secondary campaign targeting clients for an up sell from the free listing to a premium listing focused strongly on communicating the benefits of a premium listing and returned a 45% open rate and 3% conversion rate to paid listings. 

What the Client Said 

"One of the benefits of working with Fairfax is the large number of potential business prospects they have dealings with. Used well the database can create many opportunities This campaign allowed us to zoom in quickly to the potential businesses that were interested in our product, allowing us to ensure we generated the best sales close rate possible with the resources we had at our disposal."

- Casey Eden, Founder Neighbourly