Put your best foot forward: Creating a customer experience

Every year real estate conferences - from Ray White to Harcourts to Barfoot and Thompson - are a big event on agents’ calendars. They’re an opportunity to grow personal brands and market share, strike up advertising deals and get to know media options.

The challenge 

We needed to connect with New Zealand’s real estate agents and generate valuable business leads, while opening up New Zealand’s most loved publications to help agents grow their businesses. 

While real estate conferences provide an excellent proving ground for brands, they also come with a unique set of challenges: small environments jam packed with intense competition, vying for agents’ attention. 

Our idea

As conference veterans, we knew we needed to come up with an innovative way to capture audience data and ensure high engagement for our sales reps leading up to, during and after the conference.

Successful Agent Wear through Socks faster

What we did 

We developed the Put Your Best Foot Forward campaign to transform our time at the conferences into a full customer journey. 

 Anchored with a simple and very novel fact that: Successful real estate agents wear through socks faster than their less successful counterparts, the campaign created a powerful tongue-in-cheek engagement opportunity with some real prizes up for grabs: 2 x $2,500 advertising packages (and a three month sock subscription). 

Using Engaged Sciences we created a real estate and Fairfax Media themed quiz that pitted attendees knowledge of their industry alongside facts about advertising with Fairfax, with  entrants in the draw to win one of the $2,500 ad packages. 

There were three main brand touchpoints to ensure Fairfax Media was top of mind for the attendees: 

The campaign 

Pre event

We connected with the Ray White database through email in the days leading up to the conference. We introduced ourselves, told them about the prizes we had up for grabs and gave them the opportunity to jump the queue, fill out the quiz early and go into the draw. 

Event day SMS

We sent a reminder SMS to the Ray White database reminding them to come and say hi and letting them know they had the opportunity to win a $2,500 advertising package. 

A follow up SMS was sent at the end of the conference, encouraging attendees to get in touch with a Real Estate Business Director if they didn’t make it to the booth. 


Need new socks?

The quiz

Carefully woven into a 10 question quiz about real estate and the industry were questions / answers that informed attendees about the Fairfax brand and advertising options. The quiz generated strong engagement, offering a $2,500 advertising package or sock subscription for all those that completed it. 

The quiz was successful in capturing email address, agent names, mobile numbers. 

The insight 

Conferences are an intensely busy environment so using our expertise and knowledge of Kiwis - and how to create meaningful engagement - we knew an interactive, multiple touchpoint campaign would create the strongest engagement across the crowd.  

Put your best foot forward


Pre conference

We created an engaging customer journey that engaged our audience before, during and after the event. This resulted in 112 pre event registrations and leads through our quiz. 

One of our goals was to understand and develop a Marketing ROI for the Ray White Real Estate conference. We discovered that lead generation costs us $37.85 per head, which allows us to do a cost to benefit analysis to measure the success of our investment at the conference. 

During conference

  • The Quiz produced strong engagement with 97 attendees completing within the two hours the quiz was active. 
  • We collected 297 leads through our competition to win a pair of Sony headphones. 
  • Collected valuable data from 42.43% of conference attendees through pre-registration, a business card draw and a real estate themed quiz, which we are able to pass on to our sales teams as hot leads. 

Creating a cohesive experience at the Ray White Real Estate conference allowed us to capitalise on a lead generation opportunity, enabling our sales team to focus on high priority, data driven, sales to tailor advertising packages for each lead.