Your Holiday Reading List

Whether it's for business, personal development, or a leisurely read, we've got you covered.

"I think reading is one of the most important things we can do to stay current in a world blitzed with ideas. As a writer, I find words both relaxing and invigorating. While articles certainly provide stimulus, it’s books, where an author can expound at length on a concept, that deliver the greatest value for me." - Mark Di Somma, Creative Brand Strategist and Future of Business Speaker



My Father's Island: A Memoir by Adam Dudding

This is a New Zealand story written by Fairfax Media journalist Adam Dudding about his late father and literary genius Robin Dudding. It's a funny, sad, smartly written journey of an unusual life that warrants being shared. The memoir has already been longlisted for the NZ Book Awards.

- Recommended by Campbell Mitchell, Fairfax Media Chief Marketing Officer


Cold Granite by Stuart McBride

Not for the faint hearted and a great read, this is the first book in a great crime series. 

- Recommended by Gareth Codd, Fairfax Media Group Sales Director


Personal Development


Thrive by Arianna Huffington

Many of my female friends are struggling with the hectic pace of life, the balance of work and mothering, and wondering if this is how it's meant to be. Arianna is the co-founder of Huffington Post and had it all until she suffered a major health episode that forced her to reassess her values and priorities. It's a must read for those struggling with the balance of life and need some inspiration for where to next. 

- Recommended by Phillipa Cameron, Fairfax Media Brand and Communications Manager           


TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking by Chris Anderson

An insightful look into how great talks are made by the guy who runs TED. Anderson uses real examples from TED and TEDX presentations to explain how to construct a presentation that takes an audience on a journey and turns an idea from a concept into a driver for people’s lives. Whether you’re a thought leader, someone who aspires to speak or you just want to understand what makes TED talks work, this is a great read.

 - Recommended by Mark Di Somma, Creative Brand Strategist




The Business Blockchain: Promise, Practise, and Application of the Next Internet Technology by William Mougayar

It's an explanation of the technology that will underpin the next wave of internet technologies. Imagine if you had had the inside running on the World Wide Web in 1994. Blockchains will be as fundamental to future innovation as the web has been to the last two decades.

- Recommended by Robert Hutchinson, Fairfax Media Product Development Director


Exponential Organisations by Salim Ismail

This is a  pretty inspirational book whether you work for a corporate, own your own business or are part of a start -up.

- Recommended by Gareth Codd, Fairfax Media Group Sales Director


Cannibals with Forks by John Elkington

This book, by one of the pioneers of sustainable business, describes how future business success depends on an organisation’s ability to focus on the inter-linked goals of economic prosperity, environmental protection and social equity. I love this book because it was one of the first of its kind to describe the different ways of doing business and give a sense that it's possible for businesses to be successful and do good. It gives a sense of positivity about how you can choose to live your life and work. 

 - Recommended by Rachel Brown, CEO, Sustainable Network


Small Data by Martin Lindstrom

We talk a lot these days about the importance of big data and what it reveals. Here, Lindstrom takes a different approach – looking at how he relies on little insights gleaned from hundreds of conversations to help brands solve problems that are less obvious than they first appear. A lovely read, filled with stories, that will appeal to those fascinated by behavioural economics. A must if you’re a Freakonomics fan.

- Recommended by Mark Di Somma, Creative Brand Strategist


High Profit Prospecting by Mark Hunter

Great for sales teams looking to lift their game. Hunter’s no-excuses guide to prospecting with intent explains why too many sales teams are afraid of the word “No”. Human contact, he says, is what sells. If you need to marshall a team to deliver results, this book will lift the bar. 

- Recommended by Mark Di Somma, Creative Brand Strategist


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