Neighbourly is New Zealand’s most popular domestic social network. With over 500,000 members spread across communities from Bluff to Kaitaia, Neighbourly helps locals stay connected with their neighbourhoods ensuring that we all live in a safer, friendlier place.



Neighbourly is a place for businesses to interact with real locals and turn them into customers - local is what we do.

Our members go through a strict authentication process because we know it’s important for community trust. For advertisers this means you can be confident that you are talking to real people, and know:

  • Who they are
  • Where they live



Having a Premium business listing on Neighbourly is a great start, it helps bump your overall presence online up, gives you cudos in your neighbourhood and lets you talk one to one with local customers.

Premium Business Listing.png


If you have a special event like a sale coming up, want to draw particular attention to something great your business is doing or make sure locals are aware of a key issue our Promoted Messages offering can help you out.

Neighbourly Sponsored.png


Sponsored posts are the ultimate promotion tool for Neighbourly businesses, they:

  • Boost your post to the top paid position on Neighbourly for your local neighbourhoods for 24 hours

  • Keep your post in a preferred paid position for a further 6 days

  • Deliver additional exposure through inclusion as the Hero Message in Neighbourly’s ‘Daily Digest’ email



If you’re looking for a short burst of exposure for a post then featuring your post is a great option. With a featured post you’ll:

  • Shift your post to be one of the top four posts on Neighbourly in your local area for 24 hours

Neighbourly Featured.png
Neighbourly Alert.png


Need to get a quick message out to local residents? Alerts are the perfect solution for this:

  • Target your message to a specific neighbourhood

  • Remind locals of an upcoming deadline, event or issue



Consumers are increasingly looking to ‘shop local’. By adding Neighbourly into the mix of channels your business uses to connect with customers you can: 

  • Increase your presence in your local community
  • Increase trust locals have in your business
  • Increase your overall online presence

Unlike other digital channels, Neighbourly facilitates one to one conversations with potential customers. By adding value to your community through helpful posts and regular input your key, local customer base will get to know you and your business, and you’ll be top of mind when they next need help. 



You can download our handy brochure which details how Neighbourly works and who you can reach by clicking the button below.