Fairfax Media launching Stuff Fibre

Fairfax Media is entering the fibre market launching Stuff Fibre to Kiwi consumers in the coming weeks.

Stuff Fibre is a joint venture with New Zealand Fibre Communications Limited, and will launch as a fibre only service with lightning fast speeds, unlimited data, no fixed term contracts, a local customer service team and a gigabit router for better performance.

Managing Director of Fairfax Media, Simon Tong says Stuff Fibre is about bringing Kiwis a better, simpler internet experience.

“Stuff has advocated for the good of New Zealanders from the moment it was launched 16 years ago.  With an audience of more than two million every month, we know better than anyone that people crave content.  There is room for a fibre retailer that does things differently, and it makes sense to help solve problems faced by large pockets of our audience.

“We have already been growing parts of the business that aren’t reliant on advertising - such as the successful community network, Neighbourly, and local and national events such as the popular Night Noodle Markets.”

The Stuff Fibre team is made up of industry experts led by Sam Morse, managing director of New Zealand Fibre Communications Limited.  Morse is joined by Rob Tihanyi, chief of customer experience and people, Geoff D’Audney, chief technology officer, David Chapman-Smith, chief commercial officer and company secretary, and John Simmons, finance and strategy director.

Morse says Stuff Fibre is the answer for customers who want the best fibre internet experience made simple.

“We will provide a fibre only service with unlimited data, no fixed term contracts, simple billing and a local call centre.  

“We are truly dedicated to being customer first. We’re giving people the freedom to use the internet the way they want, when they want, delivering an experience that unravels the confusion and frustration around fibre internet services,” he continues.

“Our team has a real depth of experience across the industry - we know the customer pain points. We’ve lived and breathed telecommunications, we’ve listened and learned.  Stuff Fibre is designed to solve these problems for our customers.  It’s an exciting new venture.  

“We are entering the final phase of testing and we’ll be taking Stuff Fibre to Kiwis in the coming weeks.”

Stuff Fibre will launch simple fibre plans and products through a quick and easy online sign up process. It will provide customers with a high-end Wi-Fi router/modem designed for fibre-fast speeds and enables multiple devices to be used at the same time with no lag, resulting in a superior internet experience.

“More than 240,000 New Zealand homes are already connected and over 830 new households and businesses connect to fibre every working day.  The demand for fibre is growing rapidly and our research tells us that this is an offer customers have been asking for,” says Morse.

Stuff Fibre will launch to the public in the coming weeks.

Find out more at www.StuffFibre.co.nz