Content marketing companies are springing up everywhere, a sign of just how popular and valuable this type of marketing is becoming. Content marketing not only allows brands to get their story across in a relevant and useful way, it assists in countering advances in technology such as ad blockers.
High-quality, relevant content delivers excellent results. Growing brand awareness and consideration, driving web traffic and delivering conversions.
Content is what we do. Our team of experts can help you at whatever stage you’re at with your content marketing plan. Whether it’s simply recommending and facilitating the best placement for you across our brands or starting the journey with you and designing your story and creative. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing puts customers at the heart of marketing, connecting brands with audiences via relevant channels and adding value. As the publishers of the largest volume of local content on an average New Zealand day, we know what kiwis read and what draws them in.

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Inside Business

Inside Business is an innovative native advertising offering that will put your business in front of New Zealand's most engaged business audience. The bespoke platform will let your business speak directly to our audience, positioning it as a thought and industry leader.


Fairfax Media can help you build a truly omnichannel campaign. Take a look at some of the other channels we offer and learn how they could enhance your marketing campaign.