Advertising on digital news media sites such as Stuff not only gives access to a large online audience, but also provides businesses a safe, premium environment to market their brand. Studies have shown that consumers’ level of trust for brands associated with digital platforms of traditional news media is higher than those associated with other digital platforms. 

Stuff makes marketing and advertising your brand online easy. With standard display advertising options, mobile advertising and rich media, we can help create a campaign to suit your marketing goals. Delivering a strong national reach across New Zealand, Stuff also has regional and category targeting options to allow you to reach the right audience for you - whether that’s a farmer in Waikato or a mum in Wellington. 

If you’d like a bit more info or want to chat about how to get your next marketing campaign up and running, get in touch and one of our representatives will find the solution for your media advertising needs.

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Over 2 million New Zealanders visit Stuff each month, display advertising across the site is an easy way to reach a mass audience and drive frequency.



More than 8 in every 10 New Zealanders now use a mobile phone - mobile display advertising is a simple but effective way to connect your customers.



Rich media ads offer more impact and higher engagement from audiences as they interact with them directly



By directing your campaign to a specific location or audience, it allows you to serve information relevant to your target audience, ultimately driving better results. We offer a variety of options from geo-targeting your ads to specified regions, to targeting via content - whether that's regional or interest based. Have a chat to your consultant about the best option for your campaign.



Stuff is not only NZ's #1 news site, but also leads in other key content categories such as travel, business and health.



Benefit from an engaged audience and target locals at a suburban level through advertising in digital editions of community, property and agri publications.


Got a great digital campaign planned but want to broaden your reach and amplify your results with other media advertising? Take a look at some of the other channels Fairfax Media has to help spread your message.