E-marketing, eDMs, email advertising services - all names to describe one of the most popular, and cost effective, marketing channels today - email. Targeted email marketing is a great way to get into the virtual letterboxes of your customers and can be used to promote sales, grow brand awareness, and deliver special promotions. 
Fairfax Media has a number of consumer and business email marketing products and works with individual customers to create the right e-solution; one that is relevant to our audience but highlights your brand. 
Our brands have strong engagement levels and are highly trusted. By promoting your brand through our email channels, you benefit from the trust and loyalty we’ve built with our customer base.


If you're interested in promoting your brand, products or business in our subscriber emails, please get in touch for more information.



Numerous research now indicates that campaigns with multiple touch points deliver the best results. Fairfax Media can help you create an omnichannel campaign that connects with New Zealanders across digital, print and social. Discover some of our other advertising products below.