Native advertising is an increasingly popular type of advertising. It is a form of paid media that serves up advertising in a non-disruptive manner. For mobile native advertising with Stuff that means that your advertising appears seamlessly within the standard Stuff app news feed. 
The benefits of mobile native ads are many, but the key being that as these ads are less disruptive audiences are more likely to engage with the advertisement and feel positively about the brand advertising. Stuff’s mobile native advertising product suite recognises that all campaigns aren’t the same so offers a number of solutions to match marketing objectives. From suggested products to sponsored content native advertising, our team can work with you to identify the right product for your business objectives. 
If you’re looking to go native, click on the button below and a Fairfax Media representative will be in touch to chat through the options best for your brand and objectives.



Sponsored Content is housed on the main homepage or section landing pages within the premium editorial flow. It delivers reach to a large, engaged audience.



A highly interactive mobile video advertising tool, Sponsored Video appears seamlessly within the editorial stream and is ideal for telling brand stories.



Guiding users directly to the app store to download your app, the Suggested App unit delivers prime positioning and is a proven tool for driving high levels of conversion.



A premium product carousel seamlessly integrated into the editorial stream, the Premium Widget is ideal for advertisers looking to drive e-commerce activity.



Taking advantage of Stuff's large audience, Promoted Offers are great for bursts of activity over one day and drive consumers direct to your site for immediate purchase. 



Make sure your campaign gets the best coverage and broaden your reach with other media advertising products. Take a look at some of the other channels Fairfax Media offers to ensure Kiwis have your brand top of mind.