Video and Marketing go together like chips and dip. Video advertising is a highly effective way of telling your brand’s story and capturing the attention and minds of New Zealanders wherever they are and across whatever devices they use.

Audiences are consuming more and more video meaning it should be a key element of any good marketing campaign. Bringing your brand to life and off the page, video adds a new element of interaction and engagement for your target audience.

Stuff can get your video in front of millions of New Zealanders. With options such as pre-rolls and sponsored video, we can work with you to ensure your campaign delivers the results you need to see your business grow. To have a chat about how we can help put your brand in lights with digital video advertising click on the button below and a Fairfax Media representative will be in touch.



Pre-Roll closely resembles a traditional TVC and runs between 15-30 seconds.



Sponsored Video is the best product to position your messaging through mobile video. It is differentiated from pre-roll in that it is a format for telling stories.



Make sure your video gets as many views as possible, take a look at some of the other channels Fairfax Media has so you can build a true multi-channel campaign.