An iconic publication nestled in the Sunday Star-Times, Sunday attracts a loyal following with its unique tone and mix of content.

Get the most out of your print campaign

Newspaper advertising is a cornerstone for engaging with your audience. The key to success is knowing who your customers are, where to place your newspaper ads and how much time is spent with each paper.

Readers turn to Sunday for their weekend dose of lifestyle content including fashion, food, feature articles and more. It has a unique tone of voice that readers love, and captivates its audience at the perfect time: when they are relaxed and unhurried. Sunday is an iconic publication that’s smart, credible and well-respected by all.

Case study - what print can do for your business

Print can transform how your customers interact with your business. Valspar created an interactive print campaign - called “paint match”- in Sunday Magazine that matched the colours on the page with the same colour paint. The campaign showed readers they could have the perfect colour.

The award-winning idea saw a combination of visual and editorial content to create Valspar touch points on each page of the magazine.

FCB Media, on behalf of Valspar, said: “The Sunday magazine [...] introduced Valspar in a fresh new way using a channel that can be a category battleground. The concept also provided mass brand awareness and built consumer understanding of the colour-matching USP.”


Power of print

Our regional newspapers are at the heart of their communities and inform and inspire hundreds of thousands of Kiwis each and every week.

Newspaper ads and classified ads give you the unique opportunity to sit down face to face with our readers and engage with them in ways that truly matter: 

  • People love what they can touch. Putting a newspaper in someone’s hands means they’re more engaged than if they were staring at a screen. People remember more of what they read in print because of its tactile nature.

  • Print can bridge the gap between online campaigns and the real world. Connecting the dots for your customers no matter where your campaign takes them.

  • Our newspapers have heritage. They’ve earned the respect of our readers and our readers trust them. When they see you brand aligned with our brands, consumers are more likely to trust what you’re saying.

  • Frequency and repetition are so important when it comes not only to print but to your overall marketing campaign. Daily or weekly, newspapers put themselves at the top of people’s minds and our advertising means readers are always seeing your message. Including print as an element of your master campaign plan that covers channels such as radio, television, digital display, native advertising and social will ensure you see better results as consumers see, understand and then act on your messaging that builds up over time.



Steven Hutton



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