5 Ways to Identify a Premium Environment

Do you know where your ads are right now? Think about it. Your remarketing campaign could have landed somewhere objectionable, your banner ad could be somewhere offensive. When you’re using an international organisation’s programmatic advertising, you can never really be sure.

So, how do you know if those ads are in a premium environment instead of a dark corner of the web?

The publisher respects your brand

The audience has actively chosen to engage with content, opposed to someone on YouTube who makes a video, unaware and uninterested about how its content might reflect against your brand, the publisher curates and creates the content your ad appears in front of. 

This means that an actively engaged audience always sees your brand beside premium content and you're not playing Russian Roulette with your brand's perception. 

Purchasing directly through Stuff means you can choose where your ad shows up on the website e.g. Business, Home & Property, Life & Style or of Stuff’s other brands.

Content is curated and created locally

All content in a premium environment (across KPEX and Fairfax Media brands) has gone through an editorial process and is held to high standards of quality,  accuracy and compelling storytelling.

Being created locally means that audiences are actively engaging with content (and brands) that are relevant to them.

New Zealand publishers are united to create and maintain premium environments

KPEX is a digital advertising exchange network that consists entirely of premium New Zealand publishers and includes: TVNZ, Mediaworks, NZME, Otago Daily Times, among others. Advertising space on these brands can’t be purchased through Google AdX - Google Display Network - which means every ad bought through KPEX goes beside content that’s held to high standards, under strict editorial control.

Your brand will be assessed beside quality content

The environment a brand appears in will influence how that brand is perceived by an audience. Even if your company is only ‘buying audiences’ your brand beside an offensive comment section or an illegal video streaming site will be assessed in that environment. Stuff and KPEX environments ensure your brand’s kept alongside quality content.

The audience is quality

Premium environments purchased through KPEX  reach more than 70% of Internet users in New Zealand with quality, New Zealand made content, and audiences.